Step 2b: Maps & Digital Media

, , , the tower, the surrounding land and the awaking mountains

 I have high standards for maps.  Just click on the one at left. My background is in Geographical Information Systems.  Nothing could be so legible as my products, if they could be.  But I do not have the control over my blog maps that I could have otherwise..  Instead I tried to make my best product by emphasizing what would be important to the reader.

Above are four different Google Maps that I have spliced together in Snag-It! Image Editor.  This is much closer to the map I have in mind than a map that just lays down some pin or avatar representing some point of interest.  I’ve started now with one arrow for Telemachus at chapter 1.  Eventually, I might add another arrow for Dalkey, closer, by for chapter 2, Antinuous, and then a third for Sandymount in chapter 3.  This will eventually show Stephen’s walk into town.

Some might wonder why such a large expanse when all of chapter 1 barely leaves the tower, and then takes a few steps down to the Forty-Foot.  From the top of that tower, it might be difficult not to bless, three times, the tower, the surrounding land and the awaking mountains.  With little extra effort–and much benefit–I could change the extents to include Prospect Park (for Wandering Rocks), and then Ben of Howth (upon which Molly remembers in the last chapter).  By then, I probably can drop out markers for earlier areas.

Ben of Howth marks the northern end of Dublin Bay, where Leopold and Molly make love beneath the rhododendrons long ago.  The novel begins at the southern end and ends at the northern end.  I include the north of the Bay, where the drowned man might come to the surface.  The Kingstown Pier is just north of the Martello Tower, looking like an underfed crab.  It’s in chapter 2.  And all of Dublin, of course.  Tibradden Mountain and Two Rock Mountain rise just to the south of them.  That answered my questions about what mountains there could be on the island of Ireland.  Tibradden Mountain is the tallest.

However, we have enough.  I wish more apologists for Joyce would show those.  All the rest is easily explored.  I have a Google Map of every locations.  This becomes confusing with Wandering Rocks.  I haven’t figured out how to deal with this.

Very charming and informative is the Website Joyce Images.  It’s quite a scholarly accomplishment in my mind to have selected so many effective period images.  I hope to link some to the maps.  I hope also to link to some of the beautiful photos of Tibradden Mountain and of Two-Rock Mountain, two of the thrice-blessed awaking mountains.

Nothing provides context more quickly than a live maps with shaded reflief.  There might be a way that I could have the chapter sites reveal themselves one by one or two by two.  Once we reach the coastal plain of Dublin, the maps pointers of all chapters became dense.  I don’t believe they represent movement once they are crowded together.  An effective map might show the movement of dancing toward one another in the first five chapters, then away, then closer . . ..  In the case of Wandering Rocks, I would benefit from some better idea of how the characters move about.


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