Step 2c: Aw, Shucks! The forty-foot hole

the forty foot

I asserted, in Step 2, that only one web link would ever be needed for any particular chapter.  I had a feeling I would be wrong, and I am.

On page 18, just five pages from the end, the “action” moves from the Martello tower to the “Forty Foot Hole”.  It’s too small a feature to find easily on Google Maps.  In any case, it’s just below the Martello Tower.

I have added a comment that will tell someone that “This is just below the Martello Tower, a creek opening up by rocky mouth into the sea.”  Now I don’t find that to be adequate, and I find meaning in its opening up so directly into Wales, away from Ireland–as had been noted earlier by the mailship leaving daily. from Kingstown Pier, for freedom.  Actually, there’s quite a bit going on, with Mulligan “ape-ing” Icarus, and freedom as the mainland straight in our sites.

Hyperlink for the "Forty Foot"

Here’s a problem.  Martello Tower is mentioned many times.  The words “forty foot” are only mentioned once, and who knows what Joyce is talking about.  All of a sudden, they’ve gone from eating breakfast (“rashers”) to diving in a pool.

I have tried  a direct hyperlink, but how would someone find it?

I am trying the Rectangle Link Tool, available in PDFxChange.  With it draw an area rectangular–oooor, some sort of polygon–for which any combination of the following are possible in an Actions List:

  • Add “Go to a page in this document” . . .
  • Add “Go to a page in another document” . . .
  • Add “Open a web link” . . .
  • Add “Open a file” . . .

I have yet to use all four or so functions at once, but I do wonder whether this would be an explosion of references.

Contradicting myself, I will place a small Rectangular Link around the Comment line underneath the words “Forty Foot”.  This will give me a comment, for those who just need a little reminding, and a link to “” for those who don’t.  I love this set of pages:  James Joyce’ Ulysses:  A Dublin Tour.  It feels as close to a “You Are There” day as anything I’ve experienced in Web sites.

I could also use some of the other features.  I could add an audio file to play when there are references to “Who Goes with Fergus?”  There may come a day when I will need to send users to some special glossary, in this page or another.  I hope not.  I do not want this to digital annotation to look like a music box.

Now I must follow suit and place a similar link underneath the first instance of “Martello Tower”.  However, that is only mentioned obliquely, and by the Englishman Haines–out of slight curiosity. 

Fortunately, Mulligan grandly  “faced about and blessed gravely thrice the tower, the surrounding land and the awaking mountains.”  That is fitting, and it is in the first 100 words.  One is not likely to lose this, despite the many references to the “tower”.



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