Step 5: Miscellaneous

Lot Going on in this Page

I had an English professor long ago.  He taught Advanced Composition.  He believed that any pile of whatever could be broken down into:

  • This
  • That
  • The Other Thing
  • And Miscellaneous

We students got a great laugh out of that.  Of course, as long as there’s a miscellaneous pile, then everything–no matter what–will fit nicely into our dichotomies.

When all else Fails . . .

The interesting part was that this professor could not see the humor in his theory of categories.  He took it quite seriously.  And, so have I, ever since.   After all, why waste time on neat Categories.   Anything can be neatly categorized, as long as we have “Miscellaneous”.

Miscellaneous here is that so very much happens on page six–and in passing that I wonder whether ANY reader can keep up.  Forgetting even the Dublin slang of the day, we must parse:

  • “It is a symbol of Irish art. The cracked looking-glass of a servant.”

  • “Kinch, if you and I could only work together we might do something for the island. Hellenise it.”

  • Cranly’s arm. His arm.

  • the de-pantsing imagining.

  • Something about a deaf gardener with Matthew Arnold’s face.

  • And, miscellaneously, “To ourselves … new paganism … omphalos.”

And I’ve left out a lot.  This may be the most densely commented page from ch. 1.  And yet, it all is alluded to in passing.



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