Re: Joyce, Episode 61: In a Paris Library

aug 10, 2011

Re: Joyce, Episode 61: In a Paris Library

“It must be a movement then, an actuality of the possible as possible. Aristotle’s phrase
formed itself within the gabbled verses and floated out into the studious silence of the
library of Saint Genevieve where he had read, sheltered from the sin of Paris, night by
night. By his elbow a delicate Siamese conned a handbook of strategy. Fed and feeding
brains about me: under glowlamps, impaled, with faintly beating feelers: and in my mind’s
darkness a sloth of the underworld, reluctant, shy of brightness, shifting her dragon scaly
folds. Thought is the thought of thought. Tranquil brightness. The soul is in a manner all
that is: the soul is the form of forms. Tranquility sudden, vast, candescent: form of forms.”

Stephen’s classroom; a library in Paris; Blake and Aristotle; dragons and souls.


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