Re: Joyce, Episode 89: Bye Bye Nestor

feb 22, 2012

Re: Joyce, Episode 89: Bye Bye Nestor

“—Mr Dedalus!
Running after me. No more letters, I hope.
—Just one moment.
—Yes, sir, Stephen said, turning back at the gate.
Mr Deasy halted, breathing hard and swallowing his
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—I just wanted to say, he said. Ireland, they say, has the
honour of being the only country which never persecuted
the jews. Do you know that? No. And do you know
He frowned sternly on the bright air.
—Why, sir? Stephen asked, beginning to smile.
—Because she never let them in, Mr Deasy said
A coughball of laughter leaped from his throat dragging
after it a rattling chain of phlegm. He turned back quickly,
coughing, laughing, his lifted arms waving to the air.
—She never let them in, he cried again through his
laughter as he stamped on gaitered feet over the gravel of
the path. That’s why.
On his wise shoulders through the checkerwork of
leaves the sun flung spangles, dancing coins.”

End of Chapter 2: Nestor. A brief summary.


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