Re: Joyce, Episode 105: Irish Bull

jun 13, 2012

Re: Joyce, Episode 105: Irish Bull

“In his broad bed nuncle Richie, pillowed and blanketed, extends over the hillock of his
knees a sturdy forearm. Cleanchested. He has washed the upper moiety.

―Morrow, nephew.  (Sit down and take a walk.)

He lays aside the lapboard whereon he drafts his bills of costs for the eyes of master Goff
and master Shapland Tandy, filing consents and common searches and a writ of duces

tecum. A bogoak frame over his bald head: Wilde’s Requiescat. The drone of his
misleading whistle brings Walter back.”

An imagined domestic scene, mock heroism, and Stephen’s nuncle. Differing versions of the text, and contradictions. Names unpacked, and a poignant poem.


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