Re: Joyce 119: Sadness and Souvenirs

sep 19, 2012

Re: Joyce 119: Sadness and Souvenirs

Columbanus, Fiacre, and Scotus. Stephen’s return from Paris, with dirty magazines and a fateful telegram.

“You were going to do wonders, what? Missionary to
Europe after fiery Columbanus. Fiacre and Scotus on their
creepystools in heaven spilt from their pintpots,
loudlatinlaughing: Euge! Euge! Pretending to speak broken
English as you dragged your valise, porter threepence,
across the slimy pier at Newhaven. Comment? Rich booty
you brought back; Le Tutu, five tattered numbers of
Pantalon Blanc et Culotte Rouge; a blue French telegram,
curiosity to show:
—Mother dying come home father.”

Now I am curious?  What is this about Stephen’s trinity?  Columbanus, Fiacre and Scotus?

Scotus will take more research.  I do not know why Joyce was fond of him. Columbanus is covered well in past entries of Ulysses.

Fiacra, however, as I’ve learned from Wikipedia is the patron saint of gardeners and gardens.  He was a greatly renowned herbalist, and from this comes the reference–perhaps–to gardens, veneral disease, hemmorhoids, and taxicab drivers. (I guess if you’re a taxicab-driver, you’re likely to get ’em).


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